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  • To become an effective language interpreter it definitely takes a lot of patience and is not a career for everyone. If you an outdoor person or one who prefers an active lifestyle of work then this career may not be for you. Language interpreters use oral or sign language communication in a very efficient manner which takes a lot of skill, practice and control. There are different types of language interpreters, to become skilled you need to kn..
    Posted By : Laura Biddle   |   Freelance Journalist and Language Translator   |   8 months ago
  • In order to preserve a sense of fairness in a multilingual society, the U.S. court system has incorporated an official code of conduct for those working in the legal interpreting profession to follow. Legal interpreters are extremely important as they aid those with limited English proficiency (and/or the hearing impaired) in order to access justice. Though there may be discrepancies from state to state, there are core principles that every court ..
    Posted By : Tyrone Rye   |   Court Interpreter - MLS   |   9 months ago
  • Interpretation is more "in the moment," or performed in "real time" than written translation positions. Professional language translators, in fact, may enjoy a relatively easier life than that of interpreters. Although the comparison may be largely "apples are apples, and oranges are oranges," it helps in the understanding if we take into account the fact that both professions engage in the conversion of one language ..
    Posted By : Amanda S   |   Language Analyst   |   9 months ago
  • What exactly does a subtitler do? You see films, music videos or recordings that have subtitles usually on the bottom as the video goes on, this is typically what a subtitler does. The demand based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics only averages about 18,000 job opportunities in the entire country annually which is definitely a lot less that other careers. The requirements and qualifications are also quite basic since most of the work is project b..
    Posted By : Franz Murphy   |   HR Coordinator - Language Group Solutions   |   10 months ago
  • As of late more and more doctors have been preferring to record their conversations with patients and send the records to a medical transcriptionist who works at home. There are many benefits to this especially for both the employer and employee. The main benefit a doctor can have is saving on spending for benefits especially if it’s a part time employment opportunity or project based. On the other hand the home based medical transcriptionis..
    Posted By : Jaime Dots   |   Language Professional in New York   |   10 months ago
  • If you are afraid to make mistakes, you’ll never grow, this is how I prepare myself everyday and set my mentality. Making mistakes really makes you better as long as you learn from it. As a business professional. Think about it, if everyone agrees to an idea, it loses its unique identity, we should be able to set ourselves apart and be distinguished. This is also something I get all the time, is our profession a declining career as time p..
    Posted By : Ted D   |   Freelance Journalist and Language Translator   |   11 months ago
  • Legal processes have pretty much remained the same throughout the last fifty or so years. New laws are passed and if a citizen does not abide by them, they are imprisoned and then sent to trial. The cases have changed and are much more controversial than they once used to be. Even with these changes, the application of the law has continued to be similar. Official court reporting is still as prominent and important as it ever was in the legal proc..
    Posted By : Laura L. Biddle   |   Freelance Journalist and Language Translator   |   11 months ago

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